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Automated Cell Separation System For Rapid Cell Therapy

Closed system
for target cell Isolation

We have developed the most easy-to-use system that performs targeted cell separation in under three hours. The Bio-ReCell cell separation system is plug-and-play device that uses cell-type specific cartridges and is controlled by a touchscreen with an intuitive and minimalistic graphical user interface.


Our patented technology enables magnet-free cell isolation with zero impurities, thereby reducing downstream processing issues. We also use animal-free components and reagents, clearing the way for future clinical applications. For now the system is classified for Research Use Only.

High Yield  
and purity

The device enables repeatable and high quality results from single cell suspensions and other sample types, up to 90% purity and viability.

and scalable

While our focus is to provide an ideal tool for research and pre-clinical work, the system is customizable for higher scale applications and implementation into GMP manufacturing.

Research and
manufacturing tool

The system enables rapid cell purification for both research and industrial applications and use cases.

Allogeneic or autologous
cells ready in a few hours

The Bio-ReCell system works with any source of cells and has endless downstream applications.

Target any cell
of choice

We use antibody-based capture of cells to provide an almost unlimited pipeline of cell-type specific cartridges for research and manufacturing applications.


Purification COG per dose (GB$)
COG - cost of goods

Comparison of CD90 + cell separation


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our device is an automated and closed system. Simply insert the cartridge and press ‚start‘. The device will take care of the rest.

Does your product contain magnetic particles?

No. Our product doesn‘t contain any magnetic particles, fluorescent dyes or other harsh chemicals.

What volumes are you able to separate?

Our technology can be used as a stand-alone device, or as a module in a production scale chain. The volumes are fully adaptable, depending on the customer‘s needs.

Why should one get your device instead of other cell separation products on the market?

Because it is the only device that is currently on the market that produces viable and pure cells, without residual antibodies.

What markers can your system recognize?

We focused on CD90, CD3, CD4 , CD28, CD34, CD19, CD8 and CD271, but cartridges can be customised and designed for each customer‘s specific needs.

What about the cell viability?

Cells undergoing the cell separation on our device, retain up to 90% of their viability.


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